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 on Friday, December 27, 2013  

Buddy & Me android game apk


Apk Size : 148.5MB!
Android : Android 2.3 and Up!

Buddy & Me - Explore the enchanted forest of a young boy's dreams, running alongside his best friend, a magical creature named Buddy. Jump, bounce, swing, glide, and fly together with Buddy on an endless adventure about friendship, through a beautiful world of treehouse-inspired obstacles, curious critters, and natural wonders.

Buddy & Me is a simple story about pleasant dreams, discovering nature, and friendship. Unlike similar games, there aren’t any enemies or threats of instant game-overs to dampen the mood... just a nostalgic, imaginative run through the woods with your best friend. Instead, the challenge is about mastering the player’s abilities and obstacles over time, to get a little further with each dream... and putting a smile on your face along the way.

An award-winning re-imagining of the endless runner as a charming adventure, Buddy & Me features unique "companionship" mechanics, beautifully painted 2D environments, cel-shaded characters reminiscent of classic animated films, and easy-to-try accessible gameplay for all ages and skill levels. Young players will fall in love with the characters, parents will enjoy exploring the friendly world by their side, and more experienced gamers will find classic platforming challenge.

What's new in version 1.1.1
- Now supporting Android 2.3+ devices!
- Added animated loading screen, and optional game rating screen.

Buddy & Me android game apk - Screenshoot

Game Features

- Never run alone again! Enjoy the constant companionship and help of Buddy.
- Adorable characters and creatures reminiscent of classic animated films.
- Never play the same game twice! Freshly assembled obstacles every time.
- Hi-resolution, gorgeous painted environments inspired by the Pacific Northwest.
- Adapts to your skill level, appropriate for all ages and experience.
- Share high scores with friends on GameCircle.

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Buddy & Me v1.1.1 Apk 4.5 5 Michael Banjo Friday, December 27, 2013 Overview Apk Size : 148.5MB! Android : Android 2.3 and Up! Buddy & Me - Explore the enchanted forest of a young boy's dreams,...

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