Knock²+ V2 // Notifications Vb- Apk

 on Wednesday, December 11, 2013  

Knock²+ V2 // Notifications android apk


Apk Size : 1.6M
Android : 4.0 and up

Knock²+ V2 - oode: "..It is very similar to the ActiveNotifications™ you get on the Motrola X™ except you can have it on pretty much any device right now.."

You will never miss a notification again! Knock²+ presents stylishly the notifications on the lockscreen. Thanks to the innovative power-saving modes your battery charge is used to a minimum. The best thing is all devices with android 4.0+ and all apps are supported!

Knock²+ scores in the following ranges:
● Dynamic beautiful layout
● Low energy consumption
● Fantastic animations
● Easy to work with

What's New V2.0.1.080
-Auto import/export settings
-New light theme
-Select individual additional sound feedback
-Auto re-activate status fix
-Other fixes
-Clear button clear notifications (4.3+)

Knock²+ V2 // Notifications android apk - screenshoot


Welcome to Knock²+ V2. Everything has been changed compared Knock²+ V1. The design is now more holo and better styled. There are awesome animations now. All typical bugs has been fixed. The new Android 4.3 notification service is supported now. Many functions has been added.


Apps must be simple, but also individually adjustable. Knock²+ has exactly these two qualities. Due to the clearly arranged menu it is easy to adapt Knock²+ to your needs. No mindless falderal. And if you still miss a feature, we are here for you. Just send us a message!


- Knock²+ does not work with lockscreen-apps like GoLocker!
- If your phone is talking to you, uninstall/deactivate in Settings/Apps/All Google Text-To-Speech,
Samsung TTS.
- SG NOTE 2 user can activate Airview again after activating Knock²+.
- You need to set a lockscreen-security to make this app working. (Code, Pattern, FingerWish,..)

- Checking phone state and identity:
If a call is missed, a notification is displayed.
- Taking pictures and videos:
This permission applies only to the LED flash.
- Disabling screen lock:
Unlocks the device after clicking on an app icon.
- Disabling stand-by mode:
When new notifications are received, stand-by mode will be disabled and the app will be activated.
- System settings:
The brightness of the display will be dimmed during inactivity.

Detail Info, ScreenShoot and User Review On Google Play

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Knock²+ V2 // Notifications Vb- Apk 4.5 5 Michael Banjo Wednesday, December 11, 2013 Overview Apk Size : 1.6M Android : 4.0 and up Knock²+ V2 - oode: "..It is very similar to the ActiveNotifications™ you get on th...

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