MeteoEarth v1.4.1 Apk

 on Friday, December 27, 2013  

MeteoEarth android apk


Apk Size : 16M!
Android : 4.0.3 and up!

Tonnes of new features in MeteoEarth version 1.4:
•Download data then continue to use MeteoEarth when you have no signal with our new offline mode
•Create unique MeteoEarth Live Wallpaper with any location, any weather element and any of the optional extras
•Enhanced graphics on the temperature and precipitation maps
•Integrated webcams
•Share screenshots on Twitter and Facebook
•Now supports single touch devices
•Small bug fixes

Adapted from a professional weather broadcast tool used by TV presenters around the world, and employing high-end gaming technology, never before used in a weather app, the stunning graphics on MeteoEarth bring the weather to life.
Navigate the 3D globe at the touch of a button, spin seamlessly from place to place, zoom in on a rain front moving over Europe then pan out to see a hurricane approaching Florida.

•Worldwide weather
•Visually impactful: Amaze and impress with stunning high resolution graphics.
•User friendly: Zoom in and out and spin around the globe seamlessly with smooth movement and instantaneous navigation.
•Interactive: Pause the real time animation to highlight weather phenomena and move back and forth at will.
•Fully customisable: Choose elements to display including cloud cover, wind etc. and switch between the 3D globe and a flattened map.

You don’t need to be a weather enthusiast to love MeteoEarth. Adapted from a professional weather broadcast tool, the awesome design and smooth movement means it’s simply a pleasure to show-off with this app.

What's New in v1.4.1:
•Bug fixes

MeteoEarth android apk - Screenshoot

App Features

Overlay weather graphics to show:
•Temperature: NEW in MeteoEarth! The temperature map is now more detailed and includes stunning geographic visuals such as mountains and valleys! Locate warm and cold areas around the world selecting temperature over the land and/or over the sea (2m above water level).
•Precipitation: See the rain or snow coming in.
•Cloud cover: Track the movement of the clouds, either looking at the complete cloud cover or selecting low, middle or high clouds in isolation.
•Lightning: Track thunderstorms with this new feature which can be found in the cloud cover layer.
•Wind: Check the wind conditions with this animated feature. You can now select the altitude right up to the jetstream (Premium)!
•Pressure: Add isobars to track high and low pressure systems.
•Storms: See a complete overview of storms currently taking place all around the world with information including category, type etc. Click on any storm to zoom in and track its progress (Premium).
•NEW! Webcams: See the local weather with access to webcams all over the world, in partnership with

Additional features:
•Climate data: Switch to the climate data mode to see a global overview of climatic conditions or check out the climate for any location including temperature and rainfall throughout the year.
•Multiple elements can be viewed at once (Premium).
•NEW! Offline mode: Once you’ve downloaded the data, you can now continue to use MeteoEarth even when you have no signal.
•Save an unlimited number of favourite locations. Click on a favourite on the map for a summary of the current and forecast weather in that location.
•Click on the magnifying glass to view precise information for a specific location on the map. Drag the icon around the globe to see the forecast rainfall, percentage of cloud cover etc.
•NEW! Share (and show off!) screenshots via Twitter and Facebook
•NEW! Customisable Live Wallpaper: Create your own unique MeteoEarth live wallpaper with totally flexible choices including any area of the map, any weather element and any of the optional extras such as city borders and city lights.
•Optional full screen mode
•Local time zone clocks for favourite locations
•Daylight / darkness realistically represented around the globe
•Moon phases
•Optional country borders
•Connect directly to your chosen location in WeatherPro for a detailed forecast
•NEW! Supports single touch devices

1 day or 5 day forecast: For a 5 day forecast, simply subscribe to our Premium service. You only need to purchase one Premium subscription and you will be able to use the Premium services on MeteoEarth and WeatherPro!

Detail Info, ScreenShoot and User Review On Google Play

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