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 on Sunday, December 1, 2013  

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Size : 805k
Requires Android : 1.6 and up


Nanoloop is a complete sequencer/synthesizer/sampler package, optimised for mobile use. It runs smoothly on a wide range of phones and tablets, including older and low end devices.

The Synth
Nanoloop's FM synth offers a maximum of flexibility within a small set of parameters. It comes with a stereo modulator detune effect and covers the typical clean bells and Rhodes-like sounds, spheric pads, thick beats and basses and all kinds of exotic sounds and noises.

The Sequencer
The stepsequencer visualises the rhythmic structure in a compact 4x4 square matrix, which makes it very easy to lay out patterns.

The Sampler
Besides A/D envelope, loop function and start offset, the puristic sampler comes without effects. You can record up to 6 seconds via microphone or load samples from SD-Card (WAV with 8, 22, 44 or 48 KHz).

What's New
1.9.4: Fixed problem with files not being saved on some devices
1.9.2: Performance improved
This is a major update with many new functions:
- per-step control for all parameters
- variable pattern length
- 8 channels
- 6 seconds sample length (mono)
- fine-tune samples
- filter resonance
- more "gain" range
- soft clipping
- adjustable font/icon size
- new layout
The interface has been simplified and in most cases, a long press on an icon reveals info and/or a menu.

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App Features

- Easy to use sequencer, suitable for rhythm and melody
- Automatisation of all parameters
- 8 channels, each can be synth or sampler
- 8 patterns per channel
- Load samples from SD-card
- Sample via microphone
- Re-sample
- Polyphonic FM-, PWM- and noise synth
- Song editor with loop function
- Send and receive projects via e-mail
- Compatible with iPhone version
- WAV and Ogg Vorbis export
- Sharing projects and audio in Dropbox and SoundCloud is possible when these apps are installed.

Detail Info, ScreenShoot and User Review On Google Play

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nanoloop v1.9.2 Apk 4.5 5 Michael Banjo Sunday, December 1, 2013 Size : 805k Requires Android : 1.6 and up Overview Nanoloop is a complete sequencer/synthesizer/sampler package , optimised for mobil...

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