SuperGNES (SNES Emulator) v1.4.0 Apk

 on Monday, December 30, 2013  

SuperGNES (SNES Emulator) android apk


Apk Size : 1.85Mb!
Android : Varies with device!

The premier Super Nintendo emulator! Developed from the ground up to deliver the fastest play possible. Easily locate and play your favorite titles by scanning your phone to view your list of installed ROMs, complete with cover art!

What's New
Release 87
- Nexus 10 tablet audio corrected.
- Switched to high performance OpenSL audio streaming.
- New APU engine with high fidelity audio and improved game compatibility.
- IMPORTANT: New APU must be enabled per game.
- Long-press on game icon and select "Settings" and check "Advanced APU".

SuperGNES (SNES Emulator) android apk Download

Key Features

★ Fastest emulation with best game compatibility
★ Auto-detects games and displays cover art
★ Thousands of cheats (Pro Action Replay™, Game Genie™)
★ Dropbox cloud syncing support for continuous play across devices
★ Visual effect shaders (CRT Simulator, High Quality 2x/3x, and more)
★ Excellent support for external controllers including Moga/Pro, Zeemote and iCade 8-bitty
★ Mouse support for games like Mario Paint
★ Network multiplayer using WiFi or Bluetooth
★ Advanced layout editor for on-screen controls
★ In-game GameFAQs™ integration
★ Turbo mode to fast-forward games
★ Ultra-fast SuperFX, SA1 and DSP chipset support
★ Support for SMC, FIG, SFC, ZIP, and 7z formats
★ Helpful and responsive customer service

See FAQ or Game Compatibility List at
★★ Actual SNES emulation developers. SuperGNES is regularly updated and supported. ★★

We support the preservation of classic gaming through our corporate sponsorship of the Digital Game Museum. Check them out at and keep retro alive!
LEGAL: Super Nintendo game software sold separately. SuperGNES emulator (“SuperGNES”) users must obtain self-created and privately used backup copies of rightfully owned physical video game cartridges for use with the SuperGNES. Any such copies used with the SuperGNES must comply with permitted personal copies made in accordance with 17 U.S.C. § 117(a)(1). Any video game software copies made for use with or by the SuperGNES shall not be distributed to others, online or otherwise.
This product is not affiliated with, nor authorized, endorsed or licensed in any way by Nintendo Company, Ltd., its affiliates or subsidiaries. “Super Nintendo” and “Nintendo” are registered trademarks of Nintendo of America, Inc. Any and all video game software screen shots and related images that are simulated by the SuperGNES and available on this SuperGNES Google Play listing, the SuperGNES website (, SuperGNES software user interface or any SuperGNES promotional material (collectively “Emulated Content”) is property of their respective copyright owners. Bubble Zap Games’ use of any Emulated Content is only for the purpose of providing comparative advertising to inform customers of the SuperGNES’ abilities and functionality in a truthful and non-deceptive manner.
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SuperGNES (SNES Emulator) Apk Download
SuperGNES (SNES Emulator) v1.4.0 Apk 4.5 5 Michael Banjo Monday, December 30, 2013 Overview Apk Size : 1.85Mb! Android : Varies with device! The premier Super Nintendo emulator! Developed from the ground up to delive...

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